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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

About switchwise:

what is switchwise?

Switchwise is a free, independently owned electricity and gas comparison and supplier switching service for consumers. Switchwise is an easy to use service that helps consumers find a better deal on electricity and gas supplies. Switchwise can also help you find cheap gas and electricity connections when you move home.

Switchwise is an Australian-owned and operated company based in Melbourne.

why was switchwise created?

Thanks to the introduction of competition into the energy industry across many Australian States and Territories, the majority of households in Australia can now select which companies they want to provide their gas and electricity supply.

This competition has led to suppliers competing to win your business, either through lower prices or better products and customer service.

This is great news for consumers. However, comparing suppliers can be quite difficult due to the complexity of electricity and gas prices and the large number and variety of plans on offer.

Switchwise was created to help consumers easily compare a wide range of rates and products across energy providers and even to switch to many of these suppliers online. And all from the comfort of your chair.

how does switchwise make money?

Switchwise is a free service for consumers.

However, to be able to offer a free service Switchwise has entered into agreements with many gas and electricity suppliers (see the list here). Under these agreements, Switchwise is entitled to receive a commission when a customer successfully switches supplier using our website or call centre. This commission is paid to Switchwise by the new supplier and is NOT passed on to you, the customer.

We apply calculations consistently; our agreements do not influence how costs and savings are calculated.

Our agreements with suppliers are also important in ensuring that Switchwise is able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date tariff information available and that the switching process operates as smoothly as possible.

who is behind switchwise?

Switchwise is the brainchild of Shaun Johnson, who founded the company and serves as its CEO. Switchwise, a Computershare company, is an Australian company based in Melbourne. Computershare is itself an Australian success story employing over 10,000 people.

Until January 2011, Switchwise was backed by Netus, a highly experienced Australian technology investment company. Netus is a subsidiary of News Corporation, the world's largest media company. The Netus team has significant experience in the online market, with its management team having launched leading online brands such as Ninemsn, eBay, Ticketek and Expedia in Australia.


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